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Jon Martindale, DTM
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I am interested in helping people develop and balance their full spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, financial, career, family and friends areas of life.
As owner of Health–Wealth–Happiness (HWH) I offer individuals an opportunity to participate on my team to become healthier, wealthier, and happier.
HWH provides Network Marketing opportunities in the follow areas:
1. Make Money Helping Others (http://www.re247365.com/hwh)
2. Travel – Energy – Finance (http://myrerate.com/index.php?siteURL=hwh)
3. Financial Affiliate Program (http://www.evantagefinancial.com/jmartindale/sales)
4. Get/Own Gold (http://www.karatbars.com/?s=hwhbiz)
5. Printing (Save Money) (http://www.printfounders.com/affiliates/10035)
6. Printing (Make Money) (http://www.printfounders.com/affiliates/registration/10035)
7. Phone Unlimited (Text-Data) (http://www.solavei.com/hwhbiz/)
8. Snap It-Tag It-Share It & Make Money (https://www.leafit.biz/hwh)
9. Social Media (https://www.l9app.com/hwhbiz)
10. Nutritional Supplement
a. Sozo Life – Weight Loss (http://sozolife.com/hwhbiz)
b. Laminine (http://www.eggoflife.com/hwhbiz)
11. Personal Opportunity (http://www.opprtunity.com)
• My primary objective is to help others make money.
Check out numbers 1 and 2.
• Save and make money on your professional printing.
• Save and make money with unlimited text/data phone service
• Just Snap it, Tag it and Share it with your Facebook friends and you can make money
• Social Media is growing learn where you can fit and how you can improve business.
• Nutrition is fantastic Sozo Life (coffee/coffeeberry) and Laminine (The Egg of Life)
• Personal Opportunity allows you to share with others what you do.
Jon Martindale
Contact me 24/7 Gvoice: 770-852-0494 (0HWH)
Visit me at: http:jonmartindale.com

Emails: hwhbiz@gmail.com

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7 UPs  
Brightpoint For Children 
Prison After Care
Kairos National 
Kairos Georgia 
Toastmasters (TMI) 
Toastmasters (D-44)  Toastmaster (D44-ALC) 
Toastmasters (NGATM) 
Toastmasters (SandySprings)

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Thoughts, Inspiration, Songs, etc.)
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20 Cans of Success 
Emergency Numbers 
23rd Psalm Interpreted 
The 4th Cup


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Amazing Grace -
Wintley Phipps
How Great Thou Art 
How Great Thou Art - Quartet 
Because He Lives  
Battle Hymn of Republic 
Choice Hymns 
Christmas Card 
Open My Eyes Lord  
Train of Life 
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WSB Radio  
Dr. Joe Esposito 
Hebrew Calendar 
Clock (Time)   
Jewish Feasts/
Christian Meaning
Women-Spice Question  
Day of the Cross 
Silence - St. Ignatius
Glenn Beck 828
Glenn Beck 912 Project
North Georgia 912 
You Tube-WorkInProgress  
Remember the Fifties 


Telechem: This is a 39 year old company that manufactures cleaning chemicals in highly concentrated form and uses proprietary technology to make its application even more effective. Telechem is the proud Sponor 7 UPs. I am an Independent Mfg. Rep.  I work with  CStores. My job is to help CStores improve curb appeal and sanitation in areas where food is prepared and served (cleaning roller grills for example).  If you are interested in becoming an Independent Mfg. Rep. give me a call.

7 UPs: (This is a faith and fellowship organization that provides weekly emails of the liturgical lesson for both the protestant and the catholic lexionary) The group meets in various locations throughout the world but primarily in the Atlanta, GA area. Click on the Cross-Penny found at the 7 UPs link (http://www.7ups.org) .

Prison Ministry: Through the Dunwoody United Methodist Church, I assist with 3 phases of Prison Ministry.

  1. After Care:
    Set Free After-Care provides transitional housing in a Christian based program to assist those who have been incarcerated to make the transition back into society and assist men with finding employment with Christian oriented employers.
  2. Kairos Inside: (both men and women);
    Provides inmates with an opportunity to travel a different path in their life and to make better choices for how they live and interact with fellow inmates, family and authority.
  3. Kairos Outside:
    Is a weekend retreat for women who have a family member or loved one who is incarcerated.

Toastmasters: (TMI) where Leaders Are Made. An International Organization dedicate to help individual improve their Communication and Leadership skills. Also provides an opportunity for networking and fellowship.

Toastmasters - District 44  serving Toastmaster clubs in Georgia east of I-85.

Toastmasters - D-44 Advanced Leader Club will be an Advanced Leadership Club designed to help fast track members to become DTM's. The emphasis is on Leadership,  Member have 3 requirements to join 1) be a member in good standing of a club in good standing, 2) completed their CC (Competent Communicator) or CTM (Compentent Toastmaster), and 3) completed their CL (Compentent Leader).  D-44 Advanced Leader Club will have emphasis on Better Speaker Series, Successfiul Club Series, Leadership Excellence, conduct of Speachcrafts and Youth Leadership seminars.  Also members will be encouraged to be club mentors and club coaches.

Toastmaster - North Gwinnett Advanced Toastmaster Club (2359831) is an advanced speaker club.  Memebers have to completed their completed their CC (Competent Communicator) or CTM (Compentent Toastmaster) and give an Icebreaker before they can be voted into the club.  The empahasis in evaluation of speaker's performance.  In addition to the manual evaluation of meeting speakers manual objectives there and additional oral evaluations and written evaluations to help speaker improvoe their platform and public speaking skills.

Toastmasters - Sandy Springs (3133) is a local club of which meets every Thursday (7:00 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.) at Campbellstone located 350 Carpenter Drive, NE, Sandy Springs, GA 30328. This is one of the clubs in which I am a member.  Regular meetings include Table Topics, Prepared Speeches, and Manual Evaluations.  Members have different roles at each meeting which helps in leadership development.